SQL Server ETL Developer

at Apex Systems Inc

location Chandler, Arizona

Updated on Jan 12, 2018

Contract Position
11 month(s)

  • Referral Bonus


  • Signing Bonus



Pay Rate $38.50 per hour

Experience 3-7 Years

Eligibility Green Card, US citizen




Not Specified

Job ID


Working Remotely Allowed



Candidate mus be local, GC or USC.
Face to face interview is required

Job Description

Must have both SQL and ETL development 

 This role is for a project that is replacing SSIS Servers and Web Servers. They need someone who can take SSIS packages that were created in version BIDS 2010 (BI Suite) and upgrade or migrate those packages to the new version which is Visual Studio 2015 with SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) 2014. 

 90% of the role is SSIS upgrade or migration. 

 SQL 2014 is backend database and tool to modify the SSIS package is Visual studio 2015 to SSDT 2014.

 Job Description

  • Migrate SSIS packages from BIDS 2010 to SSDT 2014.
  • Troubleshoot data load failures in SSIS packages and coordinate resolution with a small team.
  • Ensure successful and timely data loads from a variety of data sources into a SQL Server database.
  • Review and utilize T-SQL queries to identify and resolve issues.
  • Become familiar with source and destination databases and business logic.
  • Understand data processing sequences and dependencies.
  • Work with data providers to migrate changes to tables, views or data.
  • Monitor data quality throughout ETL processes.
  • Identify gaps in current technology processes and recommend improvements.
  • Update and or author documentation and procedures.

This role requires a candidate to have in-depth expertise in ETL processes, best practices and troubleshooting using Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services. The candidate should also have in-depth expertise in T-SQL query creation and optimization, including common table expressions, complex joins and pivot queries. The perfect candidate will have a demonstrated capability to successfully create, modify and migrate SSIS packages from BIDS 2010 to SSDT 2014 and from SQL 2008 to SQL 2014.

Primary Skills: Advanced experience in SSIS, SQL server, ETL, any experience in migrating/hosting apps on Azure would be a plus. It’s more of ETL but well versed/experienced with DB development as well. Prefer to have someone who has both skills.

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