Front End Engineer

at Apex Systems Inc

location Minneapolis, Minnesota

Updated on Feb 08, 2019

Contract Position
12 month(s)

  • Referral Bonus


  • Signing Bonus



Pay Rate $45.50 per hour

Experience 3-7 Years

Eligibility H-1B visa, Green Card, US citizen


Information Technology Services


Not Specified

Job ID


Working Remotely Allowed




Required Skills: Candidates must have the following:
1.       JavaScript
2.       React or Vue - borderline requirement but could be considered nice to have depending on the candidate. Please find this.
3.       Familiarity with large enterprises
4.       Web Pack tools like Gulp, Grunt
5.       Testing Library experience like Jest, Enzyme, Mocha, Chai
Principal Responsibilities:
Have you been around the block as a software engineer, mastered the basics, and are looking for a challenge to refine your front-end engineering skills?
Would you like to improve people’s lives by creating products that communicate financial information in an intuitive and digestible way?
Do you enjoy trying out new technologies and having a voice in directly influencing internal standards?
As a Senior Front-end Engineer in the Interactive Marketing department at client, you would have the opportunity to rewrite legacy web applications, uplift existing code bases, build new JavaScript components, and interact with both internal and external APIs to directly influence the financial well-being of millions of people. 
Required Qualifications:
• You take large, complex problems as opportunities for growth.
• You would love to work side-by-side with a diverse team of developers who hold a passion for their craft.
• You enjoy reading about, learning, and playing with new technologies in your spare time, whether at home, local meetup groups, or in the larger technology world.

What kind of interpersonal experience, knowledge, and skills do I need?
• 1+ years of experience working within an Agile environment
• The ability to clearly communicate concepts to non-technical partners in addition to technical peers
• The courage to take initiative, ask questions, and request help when necessary
• A willingness to actively participate in code reviews and mentor more junior engineers
• The ability and desire to write and maintain quality documentation

What kind of technical experience, knowledge, and skills do I need?
• A bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field, or equivalent experience
• 5+ years of experience, or demonstrable equivalence, developing web applications
• 2+ years of experience creating and modifying modern build processes using pre-processors, transpilers, and package managers (e.g. webpack, bower, yarn, etc.)
• 1+ years of experience integrating multiple aspects of design requirements, including platform support, scalability, services integrations, and framework suitability
• 1+ years of direct experience with application development, from ideation to delivery to support, using ECMA Script specification and modern frameworks outside of jQuery
• A demonstrated ability to write plain JavaScript fluently and efficiently

What experience, knowledge, and skills would be an added bonus?
• 1+ years of experience working within larger corporate teams
• 1+ years of experience developing on high visibility public websites
• Strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills
• Strong object-oriented and/or functional programming skills
• Familiarity with and implementation knowledge of test-driven and behavior-driven development concepts

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