Data Developer/Analyst

at Apex Systems Inc

location Minneapolis, Minnesota

Updated on Oct 14, 2020

Right to hire Position
5 month(s)

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Pay Rate $73.50 per hour

Experience 7-12 Years

Eligibility Green Card, US citizen


Information Technology Services


Not Specified

Job ID


Working Remotely Allowed



Principal Duties/Roles and responsibilities:
The Data Developer/Analyst will focus on assisting our Fundamental Equity Data Science group in deploying, monitoring, reporting, and improving our Equity Funds advanced quant production models in our database ecosystem to be newly established. You will be responsible for the efficacy and effectiveness of our production models running on databases. Additional responsibilities would include web data harvesting and alternative data warehousing and testing in the future. This role requires a service-oriented mentality, the ability to troubleshoot and fix database production issues, and a focus on managing and resolving issues in alignment with business needs from the Fundamental Equity Data Science group.
Project - Fundamental Equity Quant Group. This group is divided into asset groups. This group needs to put together models that help people understand when to buy and sell certain assets. Looking to create a POC / Model that will have 25 different variables that need to be tested and accurate over time. If this works, it needs to be put to scale. The group needs help to evaluate and improve this POC. Once this is proven it needs to scale to 215 groups. This is where the cloud and big data tech comes into play. In addition, there are numerous models that already exist in excel. These models need to be migrated into numerous new modern platforms. The concept and nuts and bolts of the model is already in place (it is weak and needs to be strengthened). This model is taking 10 days to run. Data is coming from multiple sources and moving into SQL Server. This person needs to help decide and roadmap the future of this POC (technology roadmap).

Required Skills/Must Have:
·         Python or R (Python is required)
·         T-SQL
·         Data visualization and present (Tableau, Power BI, SSRS) - More Tableau
·         SQL Server
·         Oracle
·         Beautiful soup/scrap - some sort of web scraping experience.
·         Big Data (AWS, Hadoop Spark)
·         AWS (some experience required)

Preferred Skills /Desired but not required:
·         Experience in financial services

Note: Candidate must be authorized to work without sponsorship
In-person interview rquired

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