PeopleSoft Technical Analyst

at Apex Systems Inc

location Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Updated on Oct 15, 2020

Contract Position
2 month(s)

  • Referral Bonus


  • Signing Bonus



Pay Rate $56.00 per hour

Experience 7-12 Years

Eligibility H-1B visa, US citizen


Information Technology Services


Not Specified

Job ID


Working Remotely Allowed



Principal Duties/Roles and responsibilities:
Project Scope / Business Driver: w/in PS HR, they have an Org structure that represents employee to manager. w/in client tech, there are limitations as to why they can’t have an offshore employee reporting to a US Manager (less of a system issue and more of a policy). They want to see if they can open something in PeopleSoft to show pages XYZ or process ABC to happen when there is an offshore employee under a US manager. Discovery around what they’d need to make that happen based on the current environment and suggest a solution (including impacts, cost, time, etc.) 
‘delegate access’ à making data available
Core HR and ESS
Custom bolt-ons that they’ll interact with
Need LARGE Enterprise experience (custom environment)
Need someone to think ahead to implementation
Don’t need multi-national experience despite the team being in offshore.

Required Skills/Must Have:
PeopleSoft Core HR/ESS Functional
1.       Need LARGE Enterprise experience (custom environment) PeopleSoft Core HR/ESS Functional
2.       Configuration experience
3.       Peoplesoft technical analysis and able to gather requirements and speak to the business

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