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iEndorseU Services

iEndorseU is a social recruiting application (Job Portal) for IT, Healthcare, Engineering, Finance, Executive Management, Sales and several other industries that can benefit from having an open network of 10,000+ referrers. The beauty of the application is that whoever ends up finding the best candidate for your job opening is going to get compensated handsomely by iEndorseU. This incentive, matched with a dedicated account manager for screening resumes, ensures that you only spend time on the recruiting application when there are serious candidates for your consideration.

Having been in the staff augmentation business ourselves for over 25 years, we know your time is the most valued asset, so we will even post all of your jobs on the iEndorseU portal for free.

  • Full Time Placement

    Only pay 7.5% for any job filled with iEndorseU.

  • Contract Position

    You tell us an hourly rate, and that’s all we charge.

Only pay for successful placements

Watch this short video to learn more about the benefits of using iEndorseU to fill your job openings.

All Professional Roles & Industries Supported

FTEs or Contract, C level and Management, Information Technology , Healthcare, Finance and Accounting, Engineering, Sales and More

Free Account Manager

On top of general help, they will post all jobs to the platform for you and prescreen all submitted resumes. They will be your point of

Budget Friendly

Pay only 7.5% for full-time placements and no additional fees for contract positions.

Qualified Candidates

All candidates come with personal endorsements from someone who knows the candidate and works in the same industry that the job is from. They are referred by thousands of people working in similar roles across the country.

Fast Service

Using thousands of referrers and job seekers in our system, we find the right candidate very quickly to help you close the Requirement with your client. Our app based system accelerates all communication to help you respond quickly to your client

No Upfront Costs

We’ve taken the risk out of joining iEndorseU by removing all set-up, registration or subscription fees.

iEndorseU has thousands of people who understand your industry and job requirements, as well as the abilities of the people they refer for your job.

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